Sunday, 4 December 2016

Science Fair

Well done on your efforts at the Science Fair on Thursday!  Here are some of the photos from the day:

Friday, 25 November 2016


This week the Year 7/8s worked with Matt Sephton (Anna's brother) to create and record different sounds.  First, we chose a picture from a selection.  We then thought about the sounds we would hear if we were in that scene.  Next, we thought about how we could create those sounds.  Each group had a session with Matt creating and recording their sounds around the school.

We uploaded our sounds to Soundtrap and created a soundscape.  Next, we used a video editing tool (such as WeVideo, YouTube or iMovie) to turn it into the finished product.  Here are some of our finished soundscapes.

An unexpected visitor by Jasmine, Shyama, Sara, Elizabeth

Chicken Swords by Leopold, Binly, Cody, Hugo

Trolls by Manannan, Tjarco, Joseph, Tom O

Trolls by Victoria, Hermione, Leyah, Jessie

Atlantis by Luca, Ashton, Ben

The Cracking of the Glacier by Ryan, Tairi, and Luke

Friday, 18 November 2016

Book Bash Follow up task

Just a reminder of what you need to do for the Data Disk task.

  1. Choose one topic or chapter from your book.
  2. Decide whether you are going to focus on facts or new vocabulary.
  3. Write down four facts, questions, or words with definitions.
  4. Send or show these to Anna S.
  5. Begin transferring onto the data disk.
  6. Ensure it is clear and easy to read, colourful, eye-catching!
  7. Collect a split pin from Anna S to put together.
The groups that need to complete this by Tuesday are: 
  • Forensics in Fire 
  • Science of Cooking 
  • Where do Medicines come from? 
  • Fact or Fiction 
  • Complete Survival Guide
If you are away yesterday, you need to meet with one of your group buddies and ensure you understand what to do.

Monday, 14 November 2016

English Week 6

Make sure you plan out your timetable for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  If you are going to NorWest Athletics on Thursday you will need to make sure you squeeze in some writing workshops over the next two days.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016